Projob stands for recruitment, HR advice, career coaching, training, development, innovation and meaning. We network, create and collaborate in co-creation.

We consider ourselves to be a house of careers – a safe haven where people can talk about work, development and ambitions in confidence. A house where advice is given and action is taken on the basis of knowledge, experience and skills. A place where clients are offered a tailor-made service, never a standardized one. A place where people can meet each other and share information about developments on the job market.

Projob advocates the theory that everything is inter-connected. We use our heads and hearts when setting our goals. In our relationships with others, business is taken seriously without making any concessions to humanity.

What service do we offer to international companies which are migrating to The Netherlands?

Projob can start up the recruitment while the migrating company is still abroad. We can advise and inform you about the Rules and Regulations of the Dutch Labour market. We can coach and guide the employees and their partners that move along with the company to learn about the Dutch culture and labour market. We offer these services already for many years to several international companies.

The advice we would give to a company coming to the Netherlands:

Cooperate with dutch specialists in various fields to make the onboarding of the company run smoothly but also efficiently. Every country has its own ways of working and the Netherlands is fairly official when it comes to procedures, whether it is about labour market, taxes or medical care, for example.  At the same time by working together with Dutch companies and experts you will build your new business network in the Netherlands.


                                                                     Els Brouwer