PCO is an offshoot of Projob, a recruitment agency that has been successful in the labour market since 1995. Projob not only serves major local clients such as the Amsterdam University VU and international players such as PVH, (Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein) Nikon, Kyocera, Booking.com and Hirose, but also many diverse smaller national and international companies based in the Netherlands.

When it comes to the questions around hiring or relocating international staff and labor law regulations related to expanding international business, Projob has always been a meaningful source of information for its clients. Over the years we observed a growing demand for advice and support from our international clients. In 2017, in light of this demand, the idea was born to bundle competences around the challenges of companies migrating to the Netherlands.

We set up a network of trustworthy partners with high expertise in their respective sectors and called this new subdivision PCO, Projob Company Onboarding. When creating our network we don’t necessarily look for the biggest names, but rather for specialized expertise and direct, trustful contact in order to guarantee personalized and tailor-made service. This approach makes PCO the one-stop-shop for companies migrating to the Netherlands.

Companies may encounter a number of challenges and PCO offers personalized advice and an instant network that fits a company’s needs at every stage of the process.

Our team is happy to answer your initial questions and redirect you to the relevant partners. Please reach out to schedule an intake call.


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