If the answer to one of the following questions is YES, then you’ve come to the right place: The PCO (Projob Company Onboarding) community and B2B network.

  • Is your company migrating to the Netherlands and are you facing multiple onboarding challenges?

  • Would you like to benefit from a reliable network of business partners, advisers and suppliers?

  • Or are you already established as an international company in The Netherlands but is e.g. the Dutch labour market still new to you? 


PCO is a B2B network of 30 business partners from sectors that are of most value for companies who want to become a part of the Dutch economy. It consists of business partners with a wealth of experience in their respective fields. In addition PCO can bring you in contact with any third parties outside of their network for other services.

Vision statement PCO: we create an attractive and prosperous business climate for both Dutch and international companies.

Mission statement PCO: connecting, sharing and working with business partners you can rely on.

Core values: Competent, Trustworthy, Experienced, Connected

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News and Updates from the network

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New partner!

Another addition to our partner network.

 We are happy to welcome AXS techniek, a technical recruitment agency. With all our expert partners PCO can be of added value with advice and services when you want to establish your company in the Netherlands. 

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The PCO Quarterly  

Already the second editon which features PCO on the Expatica website, highlights webinars from partners, introduces you to our new partners in the network.

More information?

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