ICTZaakwaarnemer, led by Maarten Goedmakers and Hessel Mudde, is an IT staffing firm specializing in secondment-constructions.

We are always on the lookout for new IT-support talent and hire the best ones for our team. They are available on short notice to assist you in your short- or long-term project and we facilitate permanent transfers if required. Options to manage the complete project are available as well. We guide each of our IT-specialists thoroughly in order to help them develop their personal skills and keep their technical knowledge up to date (via Pluralsight). Our head of recruitment has obtained an IELTS score of 7.5 and can properly asses our candidates’ language skills in both English and Dutch.

We take pride in being at the forefront of HR-tech adoption. Every candidate is asked to complete a cognitive assessment, consisting of 4 games. These games give an insight into their strengths and weaknesses and enable us to put them to work on assignments where they can flourish. This working method draws inspiration from talent screening & development as employed by top sports organizations such as the Royal Dutch Football Association, but also from corporates such as Deloitte & McKinsey.

Whether you’re looking for someone who can satisfactorily fill a certain position for a longer period of time, or someone who will soon be in touch for a promotion: we will meet your demands. Our method allows us to:

  • Help our clients improve their daily business in IT support; By enabling strategic hiring in IT support we help you attain the desired performance on important metrics such as first call resolution.
  • See what type of roles will enable our candidates to flourish at work;
  • Give equal opportunities to every candidate by removing the potential bias and/or human error from the process.

We are a proud partner of: ING, the municipalities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Anywhere365, Holland & Barrett and Basic Fit a.o. 

We do business with the following core values in mind:

  • Trust. In each other and in science
  • Continuity. The bottom-line
  • Attention. For clients and IT-specialists
  • Growth. Our shared goal

One thing to keep in mind when you’re considering opening an office in the Netherlands is the legislation regarding staffing-related issues. Employees are well protected by law and as such mishires can be very costly. Working on a secondment basis helps you to stay agile and enables up- or downscaling of staff in order for your personnel to be aligned with the state of your business.

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