Landing or growing your business in the EU? We lead your way

Our mission is to help small and medium size businesses land or grow in the European Union. Use GrowEurBusiness, boutique business consultants based in Amsterdam to support your every step.

We are management and finance professionals with a passion for international business and extensive experience in growing and supporting businesses in many European countries and beyond. We are independent of any vested interests and founded GrowEurBusiness to transfer our knowledge and use our experience to assist businesses to develop in the EU. Particularly we focus on The Netherlands as a gateway to the EU. 

Uniquely we take a Total Business View supporting you on a personal level

What do you offer to international companies that come to establish themselves in the Netherlands?

We make your life easier providing:

  •  Reliable local support and
  • Practical professional expertise resulting in
  • Cost and time savings for you

 We help you grow your business in the EU offering a structured approach to your EU expansion adding value at every stage:

 1.    Before you start
Your opportunity: we help you identify and quantify the opportunity for your business
market research
competitor analysis
identifying route to market
strategic planning

2.    Getting started
Once you decide to start we will help you prioritise and make the right choices
presenting your offering
potential partners
reliable networks
cashflow and resource management

3.    Implementing and growing
Once you have started we are available to support according to your needs
decision making support
interim management
project support
business insights
strategy, planning and control
policies and processes
remote management

What advice would you give to a company coming to the Netherlands?

Your business needs and ambition must lead your decision making and choices. Get these clear first: define, choose and focus on your target market segments. Find the right route to market and commercial partners. Do the market analysis to gain critical insights into market workings and identify potential partners and customers. Set your goals matched with realistic resource requirements. Get these right and then you can choose the right organisation, personnel, legal and tax structures and you will find that The Netherlands has the leading international support systems, infrastructure and sector and professional networks to allow you to grow your business successfully in The Netherlands, Benelux and further in the EU.

Last, but not least, ensure from the start that you have a trusted partner on location in the target country to help you grow in a controlled way.


Greg Tyrrell                       JP Mc Allister