Expat MOrtgages

What makes us special

Sure, we are the #1 company financing your home abroad. That must account for something! We’ve helped thousands of international clients over the last decade.
But to be honest, bragging about ourselves makes us uncomfortable.
That’s why we refer you to the testimonials for an honest and objective opinion on us.  And yes, Henk’s shoes (and matching belts) are definitely beyond special!

It was back in 2007 that Henk and Chris decided to set up Expat Mortgages as an independent company devoted entirely to providing expats with mortgage advice in a language they understand.
This initiative was prompted by the increasing number of expats asking for advice on home financing issues and the lack of a good and flexible service for expats by banks and brokers in general at the time.

How we work

Working together is key in the Expat Mortgages’ philosophy.
Together with you we will draw up an inventory of the risks involved when taking out a mortgage.
We will look at what risks would need to be insured and will advise you on products that match your profile and personal situation.

Expat Mortgages is an independent mortgage agency and we are able to provide mortgages from most banks and insurance companies operating in the market.
However, since not every bank is willing to finance or insure an expat, we cannot guarantee to provide a mortgage with every bank and/or insurance company.


Rayon Aquino