AVOP is a successful and growing organisational advice agency that sets people and organisations in motion. We connect people and organisations in order for them to strengthen one another and grow in collaboration. In doing so, we view issues from several different angles and insights; e.g. change-science, psychology and business science.

We can offer companies that move to the Netherlands a broad variety of HR related services. Among others: assessments (to check if there’s a fit with the position and/or company), coaching (to help employees cope with the stressful event of moving to another country), training Personal Effectiveness or Leadership Booster (for employees who feel the need to make the next step in current job).

 Our advice to companies which come to the Netherlands would be to keep in mind the cultural differences and provide your employees with the HR support they need so the acclimatisation can be made as smooth and successful as possible. This is not only beneficial to the employee, but certainly also to the company itself.


Alain Verbeek