Projob technology

I am Ivo Neuvel, Managing Director of Projob Technology. We are specialized in recruitment of temporary and permanent technical personnel.

Our candidates are educated at vocational secondary education (MBO), higher vocational education (HBO) and university level in various technical directions such as construction, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electro technology. Our clients are generally SMEs, but we also can help scale-ups and large companies to find the right staff. We do this by providing recruitment services for temporary staff, freelancers and permanent employment.

Together with the client we find the best service that fits the demand, in order to build long-term partnerships with them. 

What Projob Technology likes to strive for is sustainability! We bring supply and demand together in the construction, infrastructure, industry, data centers and life science & health sectors, focusing on sustainability. Sustainability in terms of connections, but also in terms of climate, including energy transition, sustainable building and CO2 / nitrogen reduction.

Projob Technology is part of Projob, a reputable recruitment agency for administrative staff, HR advice and training & coaching that has been based in the heart of Amsterdam since 1995.

Our device: Constructing by connecting!

We offer a full service package. Not only do we recruit the right people, but we can also help International companies navigate through the complex laws and regulations of the labour market. We give HR advice and help them find the right staffing strategy. 

When you want to start your business in the Netherlands, I advise these companies to collaborate with people who speak and understand the Dutch business language and way of working. With such a team or network at your back, you will be able to make great steps.


  Ivo Neuvel