The PCO podcast 

In this podcast series PCO and partners will share insightful information on various topics that are relevant when your company is considering or actually planning to come to the Netherlands. If you have any questions or would like more information please click here to contact us.  

We hope you will enjoy listening to our podcasts. New episodes will be added regularly so we invite you to come back and find out what additional insights will be available. 

Podcast 1 - Salaries

In this podcast we talk about differences in Dutch salaries due to location, minimum wages and modal income.

Podcast 2 - employment Agencies

This podcast is about the unique position of temporary staffing & employment agencies, reliable and unreliable types of agencies and more.

Podcast 3 - employment law

In this podcast Martyn Top shares valuable information on Dutch employment law. Martyn is lawyer at Höcker Advocaten, also experts in the field of corporate and commercial law, intellectual property, ICT and more.

Podcast 4 - online recruitment


in this edition dirk driessen from getnoticed will talk about the importance of online recruitment. 

Podcast 7 - Dutch workculture


In this podcast we address the Dutch work culture and challenges that companies face in the near future.  

Podcast 5  - international schools

Judith Meijer and Elspeth French from Amity International School Amsterdam explain what should be considered when searching for schools for the children of employees of companies migrating to the Netherlands.

Podcast 6 - INvoicing from abroad

How does invoicing from abroad work and are temporary workers actually cheaper than your own staff? In this podcast we will give you the answer.