The PCO Quarterly

To keep you updated about what is happening in the PCO network  but also what is happening in the world around us that is of interest we have introduced our newsletter 'The PCO Quarterly'.   

The PCO Quarterly - 4th edition 2021

The last Quarterly of the year! A year in which not only the economy started up again, but also the influx of international companies continued to grow. The Dutch economy has grown considerably this year (expected 4.2%) and it seems that our recovery is therefore stronger than in other European countries. That is good news for all of us, but certainly for PCO! We will therefore end this year with full confidence in the future.

The PCO Quarterly - 3rd edition 2021

Read about results of the banner on the Expatica platform, our latest partnermeeting, newest partner and an interesting news item from the NBCC. 

The PCO Quarterly - 2nd edition 2021

Already the second edition which features PCO on the Expatica website, highlights webinars from partners, introduces you to our new partners in the network.

The PCO Quarterly - 1st edition 2021

This is the first edition in which we share information about PCO event, our new proposition The Hybrid Office and more.