New SAles company

New Sales Company is a full-service marketing media agency, based in Naarden.The media landscape in motion, that's what New Sales Company stands for. To offer full service in the field of marketing communication and media issues with a practical approach. With the main objective of achieving results.In recent years, the media landscape has become extremely fragmented, resulting in ever-increasing competition. To be visible (online), distinctive and successful as a brand or organisation, you need a well-considered marketing and sales strategy.Do you want to increase your brand image or brand awareness, strengthen the reputation of your organisation, realise traffic and/or increase conversions? We know where your target group is (online) and how we can best reach them and encourage them to take action.

  • We test your current positioning and proposition;
  • We inform you about the market and show you the possibilities;
  • We advise on your specific (online) media possibilities;
  • We produce and edit all kinds of relevant content: audio, video and image;
  • We coach your people with marketing communication and media issues..;
  • We are constantly innovating due to the large number of specialists;
  • We teach your people new skills.
  • Measurable success and wanting to play a decisive role in this, that is our domain.

What do you offer to international companies that are coming to establish themselves in the Netherlands?

New Sales Company is a fully-fledged business partner, integrates marketing & sales objectives and helps to set up and manage the entire marketing and sales strategy in one product, the New Sales Boost. In the New Sales Boost we strive for the synergetic effect where Content (What do we want to tell?), Form (How do we want to tell the story?) and Context (Where do we show the message?) overlap and reinforce each other. New Sales Company has an international network of more than 1,500 unique social media channels from well-known traditional media as well as popular online media. In the Netherlands, we now work together with more than 350 different publishers.

 Our advice to a company coming here: find a real business partner

We believe that sales and marketing should work seamlessly together and that marketing is as responsible for sales as it is vice versa. We help to break the traditional separation between sales and marketing by pursuing one overriding goal from multiple objectives and budgets. And to make the use of all means subordinate to it. Measurable success and wanting to play a decisive role in this, that is our domain. E.g. we are the only sales and marketing advisor who is always willing and able to transform social and online media results into hard conversion, thanks to our (in-house) dedicated telemarketing team.


Jacob Poortinga