Intelligence group

Since 2007, Intelligence Group has been collecting European labour market data through the Global Talent Acquisition Monitor (GTAM). This labour market data forms the basis of what Intelligence Group is about, that is empowering companies with labour market solutions. Whether you want to see real-time data on the whole European labour market or on a local or regional market, or whether you want a report with specific recruitment insights into your focus group, Intelligence Group can provide you the solutions you need to master the labour market.

What do you offer to international companies that come to establish themselves in the Netherlands?

Intelligence Group supports International companies in the Netherlands by providing them with smart data on the European labour market, including on the Dutch labour market. With this data, embedded in Intelligence Group’s European Recruitment Dashboard, the Talent Analytics, and the API, Intelligence Group can enrich international companies with insights into where and how to find the right talent both within and outside of the Netherlands.

What advice would you give to a company that comes here?

There are many differences between European countries when it comes to recruitment. When recruiting talent abroad, companies therefore need to take into account the main drivers of people who want to work in that specific country and which job vacancy websites they use. For example, is the most popular job vacancy site among Dutch job seekers. Likewise, there are also differences between countries based on cultural differences. A Dutchman can be perceived as being direct and sometimes even too direct and impolite. By gaining more in-depth knowledge as a recruiter, by automating your recruitment process, and by working with data, companies will be able to better manage their expectations during the entire recruitment process.


 Geert-Jan Waasdorp              Janine Bos