Daring, full of energy, committed and ambitious: Welcome to InWork. Our InWorkers are real as real can be. Passion for the profession is what drives us, making our quality unmatched.


InWork is one of the biggest players in IT and Tech staffing, specialized in training and guiding people with intermediate level of education up until people university degrees, as well as people of lateral entry. Our strength is finding, connecting and training young professionals between the age of 18 and 45 years.

 At InWork we help our customers to stay viable in an ever-changing world. We provide solutions in which the combined efforts of us and our InWorkers create recognizable value for our customers. We offer maximum support for fundamental processes on an operational level, whether it is for a small department or entire organization. We make a difference by focusing on core priorities.

Furthermore, we help our employees, our InWorkers, to realize their potential. We do this by offering education and projects that supplement the desired direction of growth and ambitions. At InWork we greatly value everyone being themselves and we want everybody to be able to show their best version of themselves.

Working at InWork means lots of responsibilities, hard work and an open atmosphere to work in. Our mentality is best described as no-nonsense, down-to-earth and go-get-it. Your ideas will only be of value if put into work.


  • Push Forward. Being brave means being scared, but doing it anyway. InWork is brave, daring. We change along the changing demand and want to be innovative in the field.
  • Ambitious. Be zealous and hungry for progress. We aim high and set clear targets: tough but realistic.
  • Energetic. We’re a group of determined professionals with a healthy dose of ambition and zest for work. This fire is bursting with energy. And thanks to energy, we move forward.
  • Professional. We are able and involved in our work. With clear goals: creating added value for our employees and partners.
  • Committed. We’re a loyal partner and employer. We are here for our people, for now and the long term. We like to aid when we can, and stay close to our own beliefs. Open and honest.